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Tom Homan, Former Acting Director of ICE

Tom Homan Supports IRLI, and So Should You

The Biden administration is reversing America’s progress on immigration. Reversing ICE’s ability to deport criminal illegal aliens who are a public safety threat. Reversing the remain in Mexico program and job protections for American workers. They’re even reversing construction of the wall that data clearly shows works.”

Tom Homan, Former Acting Director, Immigration and Customs Enforcement

At a time when it seems so many organizations in Washington have agendas that work against your interests, IRLI is America’s legal group.

IRLI may be located in Washington, but we are not of Washington. We represent you, the American citizen whose rights and interests have been forgotten by those in power who push for reckless and destructive immigration policies.

As you might imagine, we face a lot of opposition in defending your rights. Radical groups like the ACLU are lavishly funded and are working nonstop to create a borderless, chaotic America.

With your help we will continue to pursue injunctions and other means to oppose the Biden administration and reverse their plan to weaken America. Support IRLI today with a tax-deductible gift and protect in the future of your family, your community and America. 

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