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Tom Homan, Former Acting Director of I.C.E.

It’s time to draw the line on Biden’s anti-borders agenda. And the best way to do that is through America’s courts. 

The Biden administration is reversing America’s progress on immigration. Reversing ICE’s ability to deport criminal illegal aliens who are a public safety threat. Reversing the remain in Mexico program and job protections for American workers. They’re even reversing construction of the wall that data clearly shows works.

Tom Homan, Former Acting Director of I.C.E.

IRLI’s elite legal team is already challenging Biden’s irresponsible policies in courts across the nation.  And IRLI is winning. But we’re up against a mountain of Biden executive orders. And we need more resources, more attorneys to take on the Biden administration and well-funded anti-border groups like the ACLU. That’s why your donation today is vital to winning this fight. If allowed to stand, Biden’s policies will impact generations of Americans, including our kids and grandkids.  

On behalf of Americans everywhere, thanks in advance for your donation. Your support is helping win the immigration fight, in the courtroom.

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