LifeZette: ICE Forced to Release 600 Sex Offenders in One Year--Criminal illegal aliens set loose after nations of origin refuse to take them back

May 20, 2017

ICE was forced to release nearly 600 illegal aliens convicted of sex crimes in the fiscal year 2015, first reported by the Washington Examiner on Friday.


A total of 564 illegal alien sex criminals were released for various reasons, including the refusal of their home countries to take them back.


The revelation comes from documents obtained under a Freedom of Information Act request made by the Immigration Reform Law Institute. While the individual criminals and their crimes are not detailed in the report, it does sort the illegal aliens’ crimes into general categories.


The report states that 194 of the criminal illegal aliens were convicted of “sexual assault,” 95 were convicted of a “commercialized sexual offense,” and 275 were convicted of “other sexual offenses.” ...Read the full story by Edmund Kozak.





































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