• Daniel Horowitz

Conservative Review: Sanctuaries kill. And they’re still thriving under the Trump administration

At the annual CPAC gathering, President Trump once again reiterated his battle cry to fight the “invasion” at our border and stop sanctuary cities from harboring the invasion in our communities. The problem is that while many of his proposals, such as building the complete wall, ending visa overstays, changing birthright citizenship, halting chain migration, and ending TPS amnesty seem to be dead, sanctuary cities are alive and well and harboring more dangerous criminals than ever.

With the growth of sanctuary cities, the two million illegal aliens who have been arrested for crimes (aside from breaking immigration law and identity theft) have been given a freer ride than even under Obama. Whereas Obama’s administration would at least deport many criminal aliens, the new sanctuary cities have gotten so radical that they will often release the worst criminals imaginable onto our streets without turning them over to ICE. Read the full story at Conservative Review.

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