• Daniel Horowitz

Conservative Review: Trump has more leverage on the border issue than he thinks

No border wall or any other immigration enforcement policy can stop the effects of national suicide. We are being told by this administration that unless Congress acts, there is nothing the administration can do to stop the crisis of Central American teens creating a smuggling economy for drugs, sex trafficking, and MS-13. If that is the case, then we’ve already lost our sovereignty, and no act of Congress can rectify this insanity.

The controversy began when CNN accused the DHS and the HHS of losing track of 1,475 unaccompanied alien children in this country – as if they were somehow lost in a desert desperate for food and diapers. The reality is that they were resettled with illegal alien parents or other relatives. They are only “lost” in the sense that the government lost control over them in order to deport them, and they are now free to join MS-13 and terrorize our families. Read the full story in Conservative Review.

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