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Townhall: Here’s How A Liberal Father Whose Son Was Killed By An Illegal Alien Is Fighting CA’s Sanc

California could easily become ground zero for the immigration fight. It became a sanctuary state earlier this year, prompting a Department of Justice lawsuit, saying the state is hampering federal agencies enforcing federal immigration laws. Los Alamitos already voted to opt out of the sanctuary law. Orange County Sheriff’s Department said that not only do they support the DOJ lawsuit against California’s sanctuary status, but will publicly post inmate release dates to help Immigration and Customs Enforcement arrest illegals who shouldn’t be here. Yet, for one father, the fight began almost ten years ago. Don Rosenberg of Westlake Village, California, which rests outside of Los Angeles, is not a raging Tea Party conservative. He’s a liberal. His son, Drew, was also a liberal, went to college, spent a year in London, and had visited San Francisco many times. Drew spoke highly of then-Mayor of San Francisco Gavin Newsom.

On November 16, 2010, Roberto Galo, killed his son in a motor accident. He was an unlicensed driver, who had entered the country illegally, though the district attorney told him that Galo had Temporary Protective Status. Rosenberg still maintains that an illegal alien, who was spared the justice of the law, killed his son. He blames Newsom, who instituted a policy of not impounding cars of those who did not have a driver’s licenses. Townhall was given Rosenberg’s letter he sent to Newsom in 2013. Rosenberg said that he spoke with Newsom’s Chief of Staff at the time, Deidre Hussley, who assured him that Newsom would see the letter. Five years later, he’s still waiting. Below is an excerpt from his letter to Newsom. The full letter is posted below.. ... Read the full story in Townhall.

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