• Daniel Horowitz

Conservative Review: Enough with DACA! Where's the sympathy for THESE Americans?

They are the most powerful constituency in the country. Almost every politician and billionaire, every giant corporation, every lobbying shop, the entire legal profession, and the courts are doing everything they can on their behalf. They are illegal aliens, the so-called ‘Dreamers.’ Who is standing up for the forgotten man, the true undocumented constituency: the American dreamer?

Here is the proper context of the broader immigration issue that will be absent from the media coverage and the political posturing from the derelict politicians — the reality that the swamp political elites refuse to acknowledge.

  • Illegal aliens account for 13.6 percent of all offenders sentenced for crimes committed in the United States, even though they only represent 3.5 percent of the population.

  • Illegals account for 12 percent of murder sentences, 20 percent of kidnapping sentences, and 16 percent of drug-trafficking sentences. ... Read the full story by Daniel Horowitz.

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