• Glenn Garvin

Miami Herald: That visa you asked for might arrive just a little bit quicker

After a four-month break, federal immigration authorities have resumed fast processing of some visa requests by foreign high-tech workers, the government announced Monday.

So-called expediting of H-1B visa applications, in which the government guarantees a decision within 15 days in

return for a $1,225 processing fee, will resume immediately for applicants who plan to work at American universities or research organizations.

The change is more an esoteric tweak of regulations than a major shift in policy, activists on both sides of immigration policy agreed, and probably will affect only a few thousand immigrants bound for jobs across the United States.

The Trump administration had suspended expediting H-1B processing in March, shortly after taking office, in what pro-immigration forces labeled an attack on foreign workers and anti-immigration activists said was the closure of a major loophole. ... Read the full story by Glenn Garvin.

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