• Jon Mark

Blasting News: Growing Number of Conservative States Imposing Immigrant Crackdown

According to one report by USA Today titled: "#sanctuary cities': more states follow #President Trump's crackdown," over the past three years, about 33 states have considered putting laws into place that go after sanctuary cities. And the undocumented immigrants they detain and refuse to turn over to #Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE).

The article refers to the legislation from Republican-run states such as Texas, Georgia, Mississippi and Indiana which have already passed laws to punish local governments, officials, universities and even law enforcement.

Businesses have threatened to boycott governments who are legislating to enforce their crackdown and law enforcement is conflicted with having to follow incoming laws, all of which points to the assertion that President Trump's anti-immigration views are influencing similar mindsets to act. ... Read the full story by Jon Mark.

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