• Vianne Ilagan

The Christian Post: Immigration Reform News 2017: ICE Found Not to Track Assaults Against Agents

The U.S. Immigrations and Customs Enforcement admitted to not tracking assaults committed against their own agents. This was confirmed by National ICE Council President Christopher Crane himself in a phone conversation with Breitbart Texas.

In September last year, the Immigration Reform Law Institute sent ICE a Freedom of Information Act request to obtain records that show the number of offenses committed against ICE agents by undocumented immigrants. However, the law firm, which is also a supporting organization of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, said ICE failed to issue such documents.

According to IRLI General Counsel Dale Wilcox, ICE's failure to track the assaults against its people was "a huge insult" not only to the agents concerned but also to their families. The good news, however, is that this will change under President Donald Trump's administration.

"We've seen big strides in immigration transparency with the new administration, including the promise to report on sanctuary jurisdictions and illegal-alien crime. The only people that could be against such efforts are Obama-holdovers within DHS and anti-borders and anti-American extremists," said Wilcox. ... Read the full story by Vianne Ilagan.

IRLI is a supporting organization of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

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