• Ian Mason

Breitbart: John Kelly Extends Deportation Shield for Haitians

Secretary of Homeland Security John Kelly announced Monday that Haitians will be protected from deportation at least until next year under DHS’s Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designation.

The six-month extension continues Haiti’s listing as a TPS country that began in 2011 in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake that left at least 100,000 dead and devastated the island nation’s infrastructure. All Haitians in the United States who have been granted the status will continue to be protected by it after July, when it was set to expire.

According to the DHS website, TPS protected aliens “are not removable from the United States,” and are eligible for work authorization for the duration of their stay. “Once granted TPS, an individual also cannot be detained by DHS on the basis of his or her immigration status in the United States,” the website explains. ... Read the full story by Ian Mason.

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