• Alex Pfeiffer

The Daily Caller: Fake IDs — Potential Enablers Of Terror, Illegal Immigration, And Voter Fraud — Ar

The use of fake drivers licenses isn’t just limited to teenagers drinking beer, but can be used by terrorists, illegal immigrants and fraudulent voters to go around barriers set up law enforcement.

There is a whole unit of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) devoted to document fraud, and yet a quick search on Google yields credible fake ID vendors.

Narcotics are accessible on the internet as well, but they require the use of software such as Tor in order to get to the “darknet.” Tor allows you to visit websites that are only accessible on the software’s browser and user’s locations and identities are hidden through the use of thousands of relays.

On the other hand, there is a large community on Reddit openly discussing which fake ID websites are credible, offering sales and giving reviews on products.

Drivers licenses and student IDs are the main types of fraudulent identifications available on the open internet. For passports one can visit a “dark marketplace” and purchase a fake Spanish passport for nearly $3,000. ... Read the full story by Alex Pfeiffer.

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