• Alex Pfeiffer

The Daily Caller: All Across The Nation Wanted Latino Criminals Are Marked As ‘White’

Meet George Noa, he is on the Miami-Dade Police Department’s most wanted sexual predators and offenders list, and is a “white” male according to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement.

Screenshot/ Florida Department of Law Enforcement

All across the nation, local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies list wanted Latino criminals as white. On the Miami-Dade Police Department most wanted sexual predators and offenders, 14 of 20 individuals are listed as “white.” These 14 “white” males are: Oscar Loaiza Restrepo, Javier Tejada Jr., Julio Sanchez, Yandy Perez, Ariel Rovelo, Julio Cesar Lopez, George Noa, Alexis Garcia-Checa, Benjamin Elisha, Niudbel Del Toro, Eugenio Carbonell, Rafael Morales, and Joaquin Armando Arroyo. ... Read the full story by Alex Pfeiffer.

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