• Brendan Kirby Court Lets Dems Keep Extra Seats in Congress

SCOTUS affirms practice that allows Democrats added seats by counting illegal aliens in redistricting

A Supreme Court decision cements a political map-drawing practice giving disproportionate influence to voters in Democratic-dominated areas with large numbers of illegal immigrants diluting the strength of voters in GOP-leaning places dominated by citizens. The result: More seats in Congress for Democrats.

At issue in the case, handed down April 4, was the decades-old concept of “one man, one vote,” in which the courts long have held that legislative districts must have a roughly equal number of people to ensure that the votes of each citizen carry the same weight. A pair of Texas voters argued that using population totals from the U.S. Census Bureau — without regard to whether those residents are eligible to vote — gives undo influence to districts packed with illegal immigrants who cannot vote. ... Read the full story by Brendan Kirby.

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