• Daniel Horowitz

Conservative Review: Horowitz–Next President Must Flush Out Administrative State

Picture your dream scenario for 2016: your favorite Republican candidate becomes president and the more conservative candidates win Senate seats. For good measure, let’s continue dreaming and toss in the resignation of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan as a viable political outcome for 2016. We are all set and ready to restore our republic, right? Not so fast.

First, as we’ve noted before, the courts will continue to illegally grab power from the other two branches and invalidate many of our priorities, especially as it relates to immigration.

But more fundamentally, the next president will immediately be confronted by the “fourth branch of government” — the administrative state. Even when Republicans win the White House, the various departments and agencies that actually run government serve as a collective fourth branch and a fifth column countermanding any semblance of the conservative agenda.

Let’s consider the issue of immigration as one example of this dynamic.

Ian Smith, a friend of mine and an expert on immigration law, wrote an eye-opening column at the Washington Times detailing … Read the full story by Daniel Horowitz.

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