• Brendan Kirby

PoliZette: Foreign Workers = ‘Students’: Proposed rule would let foreigners stay in U.S. for years a

The Department of Homeland Security is on the verge of adopting new rules for a foreign student visa program that critics contend stretches beyond recognition what it means to be a “student” and straight into what it means to be “cheap foreign labor.”

If adopted later this year as expected, the new rule will allow foreigners who come to the United States to pursue STEM degrees — science, technology, engineering and math — to live and work in the country for up to three years after graduating.

John Miano, a New Jersey lawyer who represented the Washington Alliance of Technology Workers in a lawsuit, said the rule is a transparent attempt to allow businesses to get a greater number of cheaper foreign workers than are allowed to enter under a different program.

“It was entirely an end run around the H-1B [visa] quotas,” he said. … Read the full story by Brendan Kirby.

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