• Norm Matloff

UPON CLOSER INSPECTION: A Legal Win for Tech Workers

During the 20 years I’ve been writing on the H-1B work visa and related issues, I’ve heard from lots of frustrated and angry engineers and programmers. Yet, sadly, the tone has changed in the last few years. Earlier, they viewed Congress positively, with the assumption that legislators will “do the right thing” once the widespread abuse of H-1B is explained to them, but in the last few years, I hear from many who feel that this system is solidly stacked against them.

The disheartened should be elated by today’s court decision in favor of a group of tech workers. The plaintiffs had claimed harm from DHS’ 2008 extension of the Optional Practical Training program, which gives foreign students at U.S. universities the right to work in the U.S. for a period after graduation. The judge vacated the 2008 action, which extended the work rights period from 12 to 29 months for STEM students. … Read the full story by Norm Matloff.

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