Whitewater Draw Natural Resource Conservation District


DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen

Complaint and Exhibits

Exhibit 1: DHS Directive Number 023-01 - Implementation of the National Environmental Policy Act

Exhibit 2: Department of Homeland Security: Instruction Manual 023-01-001-01, Revision 01, Implementation of National Environmental Policy Act

Exhibit 3: Affidavit of Jessica Vaughan

  • Exhibit A - DHS Programs Creating Population Growth

  • Exhibit B - Tables and Graphs of Population Increase Caused by DHS Programs

  • Exhibit C: Regulations and Policy Memoranda Implementing DHS Programs

  • Exhibit D: How Certain DHS Programs Affect Land on the Southwest Border

Exhibit 4: The Impact of Immigration on U.S. Population Growth

Exhibit 5: Environmental Impact of Immigration into the U.S

Exhibit 6: Affidavit of Fred Davis

Exhibit 7: Affidavit of Peggy Davis

Exhibit 8: Affidavit of Richard D. Lamm

Exhibit 9: Affidavit of Don Rosenberg

Exhibit 10: Affidavit of Claude Willey

Exhibit 11: Affidavit of Ric Oberlink

Exhibit 12: Affidavit of Richard Schneider

Exhibit 13: Affidavit of Stuart Hartley Hurlbert

Exhibit 14: Affidavit of Glen Colton

Exhibit 15: Affidavit of Caren Cowan

Exhibit 16: Affidavit of John Ladd

Exhibit 17: Affidavit of John Charles Oliver

Exhibit 18: Affidavit of Ralph D. Pope

Exhibit 19: Presidential Memorandum - Response to the Influx of Unaccompanied Alien Children Across the Southwest Border

Exhibit 20: Programmatic Environmental Assessment for Actions to Address an Increased Influx of Unaccompanied Alien Children and Family Units Across the Southwest Border

Exhibit 21: Final Finding of No Significant Impact - For the Proposed U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement South Texas Family Residential Center

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