Ensuring the Preservation of Environment & Stability of our Population


Between 1970 and 2014, the U.S. population increased by an astounding 58 percent, from 203.4 million to 321.3 million. According to the Pew Research Center, foreign-born individuals and their descendants have been the main driver of this population growth, dating back to 1965. If current trends continue, Pew estimates that immigrants (lawful and unlawful) and their descendants will account for the vast majority – 88 percent – of U.S. population growth by 2065.

To be sure, the illegal alien population alone has quadrupled since Congress granted amnesty to roughly 3 million illegal aliens in 1986. Now there are an estimated 11-12 million illegal aliens in the United States Combined with the roughly one million legal immigrants the U.S. admits each year, the U.S. population is growing at unsustainable levels. Indeed, the total U.S. population is estimated to grow to almost 417 million by 2060.

This dramatic population growth is overwhelming communities across America — crowding school classrooms, consuming already limited affordable housing, and increasing the strain on precious natural resources like water, energy, and forestland. We simply cannot manage our nation’s ecological footprint unless we first stabilize our population. This will be impossible without ending illegal immigration and reducing annual legal immigration to more sustainable levels.


That’s where IRLI comes in! IRLI seeks to ensure that laws passed by the people and their representatives to protect the environment and its inhabitants are enforced and defended.


Federation for American Immigration Reform v. U.S.D.A. Forest Service

IRLI, on behalf of the Federation for American Immigration Reform, filed a lawsuit under the Freedom of Information Act in the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia seeking records from the USDA Forest Service related to data on the effect of illegal immigration on federal lands managed by the Service.

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Langfeld v. City of San Francisco

IRLI represented several City of San Francisco citizens in filing a California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA) petition asserting that the city did not conform to the CEQA’s requirement to assess a prospective project’s environmental impact when the city instituted the Municipal ID Card Project, a program that allowed any person claiming to be a resident of San Francisco, including illegal aliens, to receive an ID card.


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Whitewater Draw Natural Resource Conservation District v. Department of Homeland Security

IRLI filed this lawsuit against the Department of Homeland Security for ignoring our nation’s preeminent environmental law, the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), because DHS, like its predecessor agency, the Immigration and Naturalization Service, has never considered or analyzed the enormous impacts to the human environment caused by legal and illegal immigration, as required by NEPA.

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IRLI is a supporting organization of the Federation for American Immigration Reform.

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