The ACLU has sworn to destroy Trump’s immigration reform.

On January 27th, President Trump signed an executive order placing a temporary ban on entry by individuals wanting to migrate into the United States from terrorist-prone countries. Anti-law and security groups went nuts.

The ACLU, Google, and even the American Bar Association have come out as being on the side of those who would sabotage the enforcement of our national immigration laws.

We can’t allow them to play games with our safety!


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IRLI is effective in advising on the law. It helped stop President Obama’s unlawful DAPA and DACA+ amnesties. Seven lawsuits, related to Trump’s executive order have already been filed in the last week; more will follow.


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IRLI is a leading advocate in the legal realm; fighting for secure borders, the end of “sanctuary cities” and against amnesty.  It’s an important voice if we want to win!


While FAIR is educating the public on immigration and working with Congress to make immigration laws consistent with national interest, IRLI is out front in the courts providing expert immigration-related legal advice and fighting for your rights as American citizens.


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