July 3, 2017

As a thirty-year resident of Southern California, I always knew illegal immigration was a problem. But I never understood just how much the government willfully turned a blind eye to the damage it did to Americans.

Then in 2010 my son Drew, in his second year of law sch...

January 5, 2017

The phone rings late at night; it’s San Francisco General Hospital delivering devastating news. Your son is dead, killed in a traffic collision. The driver of the car who struck and killed your son was a Honduran national, who had entered the country illegally in 1999.


October 28, 2016

I always cared about the immigration issue; even before my son was killed. As a 30-year resident of southern California, I’d been noticing for years the extent to which concrete and sprawl was swallowing up the natural environs of my corner of the state. Of all states,...

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